We live in a day and age when social media is at its absolute peak. Think Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and professional networking sites like LinkedIn. These are controlling every aspect of our lives, personal and professional. When used at their optimum, they are proving to be extremely helpful tools when it comes to job search. In fact, reports suggest that 93% of recruiters go through an applicant’s social media profile before hiring them.

People use LinkedIn to do everything from contacting hiring managers to posting job. LinkedIn continues to be the most popular social media tool for job search and hiring. Recruiters are also regularly looking at social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to get to know more about the applicants’ career history. They are also known to monitor the social media behavior of candidates before finalizing the recruitment. Studies suggest that investment on social recruiting is going to increase in the coming years.

Job seekers need to be careful about what they post on social media. 1 out of every 3 candidates is known to get rejected based on posts on their social media profile. So, clear all the digital dirt off your social media profiles. Make sure your profile does not have any spelling or grammatical mistakes. Review your social media profiles and see if there is anything that you do not want your potential employers to see or can have a negative impact on your hiring. Make the best use of social media and get one step closer to getting your dream job.

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How to Find Hidden Talent within the Company

Every company that wishes to succeed and maintain a loyal workforce needs to know how to find the hidden talent within the organization. In an ideal setting talent would easily find its way up to their deserving positions but unfortunately reality is not ideal or simple. It is, therefore, important that organizations have a fool proof system in place that is able to spot and motivate talented employees and help them grow within the organization.

When a company succeeds in identifying and managing its talents pool, it makes sure that it maintains a good employee retention rate. It also ensures that the overall cost of hiring is kept in check and there are fewer “on boarding” procedures; which are expensive and sometimes excruciatingly time consuming. Employers need to strive to provide their workforce with learning opportunities that gives them a direction and a clear objective as far as career is concerned. It is important that companies are not just top-heavy. Talent needs to be identified at every level of the organization and motivated to work their way up the ladder.

The company’s infrastructure should be such that it has the right kind of resources in place. There should a good hiring procedure ensuring that the right people are hired for the right job. Companies need to ensure that the talented and skilled employees within their organizations find every reason to stay on and serve the company in future. Having the right policies in place and investing in a good talent management system is the way to go about it.

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How to Attract and Retain Employees

The success of a company depends on a lot of factors and it would not be wrong to remark that it goes beyond the money it makes. It is important for companies, small or big, to not just attract talent but also successfully manage and maintain them. In today’s age employees attach job satisfaction to a lot of factors that go beyond monetary compensation. Employees want a good work environment, a healthy work life balance and a company that appreciates and provides opportunities for growth.

There can be no set rules to ensure employee retention. Employers need to understand the needs of their employees and this cannot be the same for all companies. Employers need to maintain an open environment and encourage employees to take part in discussions and surveys and voice their concerns whenever necessary. They need to organize training sessions for managers and those assuming a supervising role. There should be a clear definition as far as roles and responsibilities are concerned. Employers need to strive to make every employee feel that they are an integral part of the organization.

Companies need to take talent management seriously and invest in strategies pertaining to employee attraction and retention. A company is as good as its employees. Managing to create a loyal workforce ensures sustainability and success. There should be clear communication between the management and the employees. The onus lies on the Human Resource team of every company to ensure that any gaps, if existing, is bridged.

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How to Improve Candidate Experience- Tips

Improving the candidate experience company is the often ignored but much needed talent strategy that every successful organization should focus on.

· Quality over quantity- Be extremely specific when it comes to stating your requirements while inviting applications. Inviting fewer, but quality applications would make the entire process faster and ensure that no time is wasted on candidates that do not hold any chance.

· Candidate experience surveys- To ensure that they are on right track as far as candidate experience is concerned, surveying technologies can be implemented. Organizations should not just poll candidates who have been hired but also anyone and everyone who has applied and gone through the recruitment process.

· Interaction between hiring managers and potential candidates- Aside from the recruitment staff, candidates should also meet and interact with the hiring managers. Hiring managers taking potential candidates for on-site visits can actually make them realize the importance of the entire process and how seriously it is perceived by the company. The focus should be on providing each and every potential candidate a positive experience.

· Educational content to attach value to the procedure- Interested candidates and potential employees will be curious to know more about the organization, the role, and the growth opportunities they are likely to get at the organization. Imparting that knowledge using various mediums such as webinars and Twitter chats could be an excellent way for improving candidate experience.

Hiring manages should focus on building a wide pool of talented individual. This would ensure smoother hiring processes in the future and improve the overall candidate experience of the company.

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Contribution of your Recruitment Partner

Employees are the major asset for any company to reach their business objectives. Placing the right candidate in the right position is half the job done for any company to enhance their performance in the industry. But it is not easy as said as there is lot of demand for potential candidates and many companies keep searching for performers to attract into their companies. So it requires lot of experience and expertise to identify the right candidates that not only have the skill set and knowledge suitable for the vacancy but shall also retain with the company for a long time interested to grow along with the company. This job can perfectly be done by the top placement consultants in India as they have huge data bases of potential candidates looking for a change in their career. The consultants also thoroughly understand both the employer and the candidate interests to match the correct profiles suitable to each others requirements.

The top hr consultants in India are very efficient in not only understanding the company vacancy but also their work culture. They strive to find candidates that fit into the work culture along with the job requirements of the client. They interview the candidates extensively to understand their experience and expectations before sending them across to the employers. The top hr consultants also have industry specific recruiters who have vast knowledge and can ascertain the skill levels of the candidates before they are shortlisted for the final interview with the clients. The consultants also co-ordinate and schedule the client interviews along with follow-up with the candidates till they join in the job. This saves a lot of time for the companies as they can directly meet only the cream of the candidates that have already been briefed about the job and the company by the consultants so that they can have a formal interview and select the best among the shortlisted candidates.

The top placement consultants in India are also experts in ceo senior level hiring which is actually a very delicate and complex assignment that needs to be handled with expertise. The consultants use their resourceful network and head hunting skills to identify the top ceo’s looking for a change in the industry. The consultants build a strong interpersonal relationship with them before disclosing the position and finding out their interests about the clients company. All this process is carried out in a smooth manner to fill the vacancy of the top position in the client’s company.

So whatever might be your industry, if you are looking for potential candidates with experience and expertise just contact the top hr consultants in India who can get you the best candidates in the industry suitable for your job requirements to retain the talent.

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